Knit Weighted Blanket

50 Reviews

Knit Weighted Blanket

50 Reviews


Size  Kids 8 lbs

  • Kids
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

Color  Snow White

Better Sleep

Sleep affects every aspect of our lives from our moods to our job performance to how we interact with friends and family.

If you toss & turn, struggle to fall asleep or are groggy in the morning, you might not be receiving quality sleep.

Nuzzie's gentle pressure is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, so you can be your best you.

Stress Relief

Nuzzie can’t make your kids listen or your boss notice your work, but no matter why you’re stressed, Nuzzie’s gentle pressure will melt it away.


Say goodbye to hot and sweaty nights. Nuzzie’s open knit design will help you stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter

Evenly Weighted

Other blankets are filled with noisy glass beads that shift around and bunch up.

Nuzzie Knit, on the other hand, is beadless. All the blanket's weight comes from our luxurious fabric filling which keeps weight evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

Machine Washable

What good is a blanket you can't wash?

Nuzzie Knit has been tested for 100+ wash/dry cycles.

Why Nuzzie?

Maximize Your Sleep
Maximize Your Sleep

Our products are all designed with one purpose in mind — improving your sleep quality.


We do what's right for our planet. From carbon neutral shipping to recycled and reusable materials.

Blanket Donation Pledge
Blanket Donation Pledge

We're helping communities around the world by donating one blanket for each blanket sold.

Machine wash warm with like colors. Tumble dry on low.

Kids 8 pounds, 40"x56"
Full 15 pounds, 48"x72"
Queen 20 pounds, 60"x80"
King 25 pounds, 80"x87"

The short answer: Our blankets all apply roughly the same amount of pressure, so don't worry about the weight — simply choose a blanket based on which size works best for you.

The long answer: You might have heard that you should choose a weighted blanket that's approximately 10% of your body weight. Well, this isn't entirely correct.

The problem with the 10% rule is that weight isn't the only variable that affects how "heavy" the blanket feels. The size of the blanket is also a factor. Ultimately, pressure is what makes the blanket feel heavy, and pressure is a function of both weight and size.

A 10-pound queen-sized blanket is going to feel lighter than a 10-pound full-sized blanket because the weight is spread out over a larger area.

At Nuzzie, we've tested over a dozen different pressure levels to find one that works well for most people — heavy enough to feel therapeutic benefits, but not so heavy that it's uncomfortable.

We've chosen our weights and sizes to ensure that all our blankets are near this optimal pressure level, so don't worry too much about the weight of the blanket. Instead, pick the size that works best for you.

Note: Children or seniors may not be able to handle our heavier blankets, so make sure you pick a size that you can maneuver.

Planning to use with two people? Choose a queen or king, the other sizes will be too small.

We recommend picking the size that best fits your bed.

Planning to use with two people? Choose a queen or king, the other sizes will be too small.

Planning to use it as a throw blanket? Choose the kids or full size depending on how big you want the blanket to be. Worried the kid's blanket will be too light? Don't be! See the "Choosing a Weight" section for more info.

Nuzzie Knit is handwoven from our proprietary OKEO-Tek certified weighted yarn.

Each strand of yarn is ultra-soft microfiber filled with down-alternative.

Our blankets are made using 90% less water than cotton and use absolutely no pesticides or fertilizers.

Free standard (3-5 day) shipping

Each Nuzzie Knit is backed by our 120-day warranty.