About Nuzzie

We never wanted to start a company.

You can trace the origins of Nuzzie back to when I tried out a weighted blanket for the first time.

I was blown away by how much it improved my sleep—not only was I sleeping better, I also felt better when I was awake.

I loved my new weighted blanket, but it wasn't without flaws.


My first weighted blanket
My first weighted blanket—It was
scratchy, lumpy and super hot!


That's when I got in touch with my long time friend and product/logistics expert, Jon.

It wasn't long before we had designed a new weighted blanket that fixed all the issues I had with the one I owned.

We made prototypes based on our new design and gave them to friends and family.



First Nuzzie Classic Weighed Blanket
An Instagram post our friend
Sara made with our first prototype



We couldn’t believe the feedback we received—our blanket was seriously helping people, and not just with insomnia, but also anxiety, stress and restless leg syndrome.

Friends kept asking us if they could buy another blanket to give to their friends and family.

We didn't know anything about running a business, but we felt we had to do something to bring our blanket to more people. 

Soon enough, Nuzzie was born.

Original Nuzzie Logo

Our original logo


We launched with a simple mission: to help others maximize their sleep with delightfully designed products.

Today we’re proud to say that we've expanded that mission to include doing right by the planet by adopting sustainable business practices as well as bringing our mission to those less fortunate than us by donating one blanket for each blanket sold.



Shep the Sheep
Our new mascot—Shep the sheep!


We're so happy we decided to go down the long and strange road of building a company, and we seriously cannot thank our customers and employees enough for coming along with us for the ride.


Seriously—Thank you 🙌

Austin Sheppard and Jon Leake
Nuzzie Co-Founders