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Maximize Your Sleep

Let's face it—sleep affects everything you do in your life. From your mood throughout the day to your job performance. The gentle weight of Nuzzie Classic has been shown to improve sleep quality by helping you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Supreme Comfort

Don't settle for scratchy fabrics and lumpy and uncomfortable weight distribution. Nuzzie classic uses buttery soft cotton and takes care to ensure weight is evenly distributed across each pocket of our blanket.

Easy Clean-Up

Unlike other weighted blankets, Nuzzie classic is machine washable. For even easier care, we also sell machine wash and dry safe duvet covers.

Industry Leading Durability

There's nothing worse than buying a product which falls apart after a few short months of use. From our patent pending double stitching to our premium glass beads, we've gone the extra mile to ensure your Nuzzie will last for years to come.

Sizes for the Whole Family

Nuzzie classic is available in 5 sizes and weights, so there's a size for people of all ages and weights.

Why Nuzzie


We do what's right for our planet. From carbon neutral shipping to recycled and reusable materials.

Maximize Your Sleep

Our products are all designed with one purpose in mind — improving your sleep quality.

Blanket Donation Pledge

We're helping communities around the world by donating one blanket for each blanket sold.